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Mobile Enterprises Depend on Unified Networks

The benefits of advanced, real-time, video-enabled applications have the power to change how enterprises communicate and collaborate, internally and with customers and partners. But they are also changing the demands on enterprise networks. Real-time applications such as voice over IP (VoIP), video, customer service, and virtual desktop collaboration suites require levels of throughput and latency far beyond the needs of traditional enterprise applications.

The Alcatel-Lucent network solution is based on our Application Fluent Network (AFN) vision, which contains all the functionality required to enable an organization to truly become a mobile enterprise. The AFN concept first introduced in 2011 is based upon a resilient architecture with streamlined operations and automatic control.

AFN brings significant benefits to the enterprise including a high-quality user experience, lower network administration costs, and a better return on investment.

An AFN possesses broad knowledge of the users, the network devices they utilize and the applications they are connecting to. Most importantly, the application fluent network understands the context of the conversation the device, user, location and application - and makes decisions based on that understanding.

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