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Healthcare Data Center Switching Solution

Data in Healthcare is changing. This is an introduction to a 'New Network Paradigm'. Let's start by looking at a question...

What do the following trends have in common?

  • Virtualization, including VDI deployments
  • Electronic Health Records
  • Mobile devices (WoWs, tablets and smartphones) used by doctors, nurses, patients and residents

They all contribute to the tremendous pressure on your existing network infrastructure — a pressure not alleviated by simply throwing more bandwidth at the problem.

What’s needed is an Application Fluent Network

An Application Fluent Network understands the unique requirements of each application, user, device and conversational context to automatically adapt the network to ensure optimal performance.

With its unique approach and visionary data center switching blueprint, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise delivers a complete solution for modernizing the data center network. Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s Data Center Switching Solution lets your enterprise:

  • Manage applications as services with the network understanding each application and automatically adapting to follow virtual machine movement
  • Take advantage of a hybrid cloud model by converting the corporate data center into a multi-site private cloud with seamless coexistence of service provider-delivered cloud services
  • Prepare for the future with Alcatel-Lucent’s innovative data center fabric blueprint. The Alcatel-Lucent Pod and Mesh with a direct-connect architecture delivers low latency and high density as well as a long-term sustainable design. Plus our standardsbased approach means no lock-in to a specific vendor

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