The Issue

Every five years, the council looks to refresh their 2,500 strong PC estate to ensure their technological tools sufficiently aid their daily operations.

As part of a wider end-user device strategy that involved Windows 10 deployment and shifting away from desktop to mobile devices, they subsequently released a tender for end-user hardware that consisted of laptops and monitors. 

They had specific requirements to be met, such as the device having a touch screen, and being SCCM and Office 365 compatible. 

The Solution

Centerprise, in conjunction with their technology partners Lenovo and HP, were successful in winning the tender, as we offered unique, convenient solutions that other companies could not. The strength of our relationship with Lenovo and HP was essential as it allowed for clear communication between vendor and customer and the seamless deployment of the technology.

We offered the council bonded storage for the devices, complete with a next-day delivery guarantee, which was necessary for the council due to limited storage capacity. In conjunction with this service, we ensured that the device warranty would not start until the machinery was delivered, giving confidence to Blackpool Council that Centerprise was a perfect choice.

Another stand-out feature provided by Centerprise was our revered customer service. Our willingness to proactively provide advice and recommendations resonated with the council, and provided a personal touch that they had previously not experienced. “The whole process was easy, choosing Centerprise is the best thing we’ve ever done,” said Richard Percival, Operational Service Delivery Manager for the council. He continued, “Their personalised approach makes a huge difference, it takes all the pressure off you and makes you feel respected and, honestly, valued.”

Centerprise: “Caring, professional and useful”

The mobile devices have made a huge difference to the efficiency of the council as they transitioned from office-based to remote working per the government’s COVID-19 guidelines.

They can hold regular meetings via webcam, use a digital pen to take notes in Microsoft OneNote, and utilise the wider Office 365 suite to its full extent to ensure business operations are at optimal levels.

Moving forward, Centerprise handles any end-user requirements of the council as they manage life during, and after, COVID-19, with staff returning to the office.

“There are no complaints,” said Percival. “I’ve had nothing negative to say at any point when dealing with Centerprise, and I would recommend them to anyone, without a doubt. The service they offer is better than any of the big players on the market. If I had to sum them up in three words I’d say, they are caring, professional, and useful.”

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