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  • Deeper Look at Virtualisation 21/02/2020

    It's 2020; let's talk about virtualisation. more

  • Ci Supports Landmark Library 20/02/2020

    Centerprise donated 5 desktop Lenovo PCs with .... more

  • How DaaS Solves IT Challenges 17/02/2020

    To discuss your challenges, get in touch today.... more

  • Whom We Sponsor 12/02/2020

    We at Centerprise pride ourselves on promoting.... more

  • HCS and its Benefits 12/02/2020

    Nowadays, IT needs to be able to innovate. more

  • Why You Need a Backup Plan 11/12/2019

    Even the very best hardware will break down on.... more

  • Upgrade to Windows 10 25/11/2019

    Support for Windows 7 is ending. What does thi.... more

  • Microsoft 365 for Education 30/10/2019

    Contact our specialists to discover all your o.... more

  • Time to Move to the Cloud 02/10/2019

    Here are five reasons why. more

  • PCR Awards 2018 - 18/01/2018

    The nominations have slammed shut, and we are .... more

  • Rafi Razzak’s entrepreneurial spirit.. 11/05/2018

    Rafi Razzak’s entrepreneurial spirit more

  • CI hires James Bird - 18/01/2018

    Industry veteran returns to channel five years.... more

  • STEM: Race to the Line - 02/05/2018

    STEM: Race to the Line more

  • Centerprise - 25/04/2018

    To be made Dell Boomi Advanced Partner more

  • Jeremy Nash as CEO - 20/11/2017

    Centerprise appoints Jeremy Nash as CEO more

  • Rotary Charity Dinner - 23/04/2018

    Basingstoke Rotary Charity Dinner delivers Spr.... more

  • Big plans afoot at CI - 05/10/2017

    After a strong financial year for Centerprise .... more

  • BCDVideo - 09/04/2018

    CI partners with BCDVideo to build video recor.... more

  • Jet touch down - 02/09/2017

    An iCONIC historic fighter jet could be erecte.... more

  • Southern Tech 100 - 08/04/2018

    Jeremy Nash gave a presentation at the Souther.... more

  • CI and Trivalent - 11/04/2017

    Partnership enhances UK's public and governmen.... more

  • A Huge Success for Centerprise - 07/04/2018

    CI won a contract at the end of 2017 to replac.... more

  • Corporate VAR winner 2017 - 09/03/2017

    Wednesday March 8th saw the PCR Awards take pl.... more

  • CI wins contract with Betsi - 07/04/2018

    CI has been successful in supporting BCUHB’s more

  • Super support from Centerprise - 12/12/2016

    Staff at award-winning Basingstoke-based Cente.... more

  • Innovation Centre 07/04/2018

    CI announce the opening of a new innovation ce.... more

  • Great show of support from CI 12/12/2016

    They pledged to pull in the pounds to boost a .... more

  • Rotary Charity Boxing 13/03/2018

    England takes on Wales in annual fundraising b.... more

  • CI Proud Sponsors 13/03/2018

    of the Tech Awards 2018. As part of our sponso.... more

  • 30 successful years 10/10/2016

    The Basingstoke-based firm marked the mileston.... more

  • The Team 12/03/2018

    for This Year's Dell Management Challenge more

  • Centerprise acquires 23 Tech 03/10/2016

    VAR and system builder snaps up 55 per cent st.... more

  • CI Has Partnered 11/03/2018

    With the Learning Partnership to participate i.... more

  • New BOXX UK Website 02/03/2018

    Please check out our new website for BOXX UK more

  • Concert raises the roof 07/02/2018

    Rotarians celebrating delivering five-figure b.... more

  • Atomic Rapture 23/01/2018

    Raising funds and raising the roof: Live at Ap.... more

  • Ci - Acer NDNA 04/02/2019

    Ci - Acer NDNA Partnership….. more

  • HPC For HE 28/01/2019

    5 Benefits of HPC for HE….. more

  • Education Gaming PCs 23/01/2019

    5 Reasons to invest in gaming PCs….. more

  • Tech Tools For MATs 13/11/2018

    With the schools back in full-flow, here are t.... more

  • Upgrading On A Budge 06/11/2018

    Making the most of what you’ve got. Find the.... more

  • Centerprise to expand E4 Computer Engineering in UK 26/01/2016

    To mark the beginning of the collaboration, Ce.... more

  • Renatus PC 02/04/2019

    CI Renatus deskstop PC ranges has been a top more

  • Acer NDNA 04/02/2019

    Centerprise moved in on the HE market with Ace.... more

  • HPC For HE 28/01/2019

    Here are 5 Benefits why HE should invest in HP.... more

  • Why Invest in Gaming PCs? 23/01/2019

    Here are four very good reasons for your unive.... more

  • Tech Tools For Mats 13/11/2018

    With the schools back in full flow here are th.... more

  • Upgrading Your School's IT 02/08/2018

    Boost performance while keeping costs down. more

  • New Contract with BETSI 02/08/2019

    Ci have been successful in partnering with BCU.... more

  • BITC 29/05/2019

    CI has forged a partnership with Tredegar Park.... more

  • Thames Valley Tech. 25/05/2019

    Yesterday, we were very proud to be part of th.... more

  • Channel Visions 18/05/2019

    Key players across the industry on the challen.... more

  • Buy vs Subscribe 17/05/2018

    how to get the education iPads you need more



  • 02/06/2017

    CI Wins PCR Award

  • 02/06/2017

    Global Academy Transformation