Manufacturing & Design

As an OEM system builder we specialise in high-quality, built-to-order computer systems.  Our dedicated team of specialists possess the technical know-how and the creative ability to design and build advanced systems using the latest technology.

We have built everything from large simulation systems to ultra-low power, small form factor PCs. We have the scale of operation to build over 1,000 machines per day, with each machine going through our two tier independent QA process prior to being shipped.

Our production capability is complemented by our expertise in supply chain management.  We use customised, reusable packaging techniques to minimise our carbon footprint by reducing waste and increasing the number of devices shipped on a conventional pallet.



  • Outsourced manufacturing
  • Custom built PCs, servers and storage systems
  • Performance benchmarking and system soak testing


  • Hardware and software configuration
  • Software installation and imaging
  • Cryptographic software and hardware installation


  • Asset Tagging
  • Asset Retirement