Customisable IT Hardware

As an OEM system builder we specialise in high-quality, built-to-order computer systems.  Our dedicated team of specialists possess the technical know-how and the creative ability to design and build advanced systems using the latest technology.

Even with the demand for more mobility, there’s still a strong need within many organisations for powerful, reliable and versatile PC hardware. Process-heavy tasks such as research, 3D modelling, editing 4k video and harnessing big data require dedicated hardware that’s custom fit for purpose. 
Centerprise’s range of fully customisable, versatile and robust Renatus PCs have been trusted by the MOD for over 30 years. From our dedicated UK production facility, we can build-to-order everything from high-performance simulation systems to ultra-low power, small form factor desktops. Whatever your organisation’s specific challenge, we can design a hardware solution that’s right for you.

Our custom-built hardware solutions are complemented by our flexible wrap-around services. You can get more control over your IT hardware deployment by using our bonded storage facility. Your PCs are built and stored ahead of time, and only shipped to your site and invoiced when you’re ready.

We are one of the UK’s leading OEMs - focused on quality, efficiency and providing our customers with the optimal solution to their needs. We take our commitment to sustainability seriously and manage our environmental impact through adopting processes to reduce waste, as well as utilising reusable packaging.

Build your hardware solution



  • Outsourced manufacturing
  • Custom built PCs, servers and storage systems
  • Performance benchmarking and system soak testing


  • Hardware and software configuration
  • Software installation and imaging
  • Cryptographic software and hardware installation


  • Asset Tagging
  • Asset Retirement