Centerprise has a presence on most public sector Framework Agreements.  Our proven track record as a long-standing public sector framework supplier, provides our customers with the peace of mind that we possess the financial standing, capability and processes to help them succeed with achieving their business needs.  You can engage with Centerprise on the following frameworks.

Current Popular Frameworks:
Pan Government Frameworks

Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework RM6068 – Technology Products and Associated Services (TePAS)

The framework offers customers a flexible and compliant route to market for all commodity technology product needs. This applies when the requirement is for a single cable or entire corporate infrastructure. 

  • Hardware and Software and Associated Services
  • Hardware and Associated Services
  • Software and Associated Services
  • Information Assured Products and Associated Services
Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework RM1557.12 – G-Cloud 12

The G-Cloud 12 Framework Agreement allows customers in the UK public sector to find and buy cloud technology solutions. Centerprise currently are approved on all 3 lots:

  • Lot 1 - Cloud Hosting
  • Lot 2 - Cloud Software
  • Lot 3 - Cloud Support
Crown Commercial Services (CCS) Framework RM3804 - Technology Services 2

This agreement has been developed in collaboration with the Government Digital Service (GDS). The primary purpose of the framework is to provide technology services to Central Government, Local Authorities and NHS Trusts. Centerprise are currently approved on all lots under this framework:

  • Technology Strategy and Service Design
  • Transition and Transformation
  • Operational Services
  • a - End User Services
  • b - Operational Management
  • c - Technical Management
  • d - Application and Data Management
  • 4 - Programmes and Large Projects
  • a - Government Official Security Classification
  • b - Government Secret and Top Secret Classifications
Crown Commercial Services(CCS) Framework RM3808– Network Services 2

Telecommunications services including networks for the entire public sector, their associated bodies and agencies, the voluntary sector and charities.

  • Lot 8 – Video Conferencing Services
Welsh Framework

National Procurement Service (NPS) IT Products and Services Framework

The framework was directly set up by the NPS to provide value for money in the procurement of a range of IT products, from common of the shelf (COTS) software to audio visual solutions. Ci were awarded the most lots out of the total number of companies who tendered. Centerprise currently are approved on the following lots:

  • 1 - Desktop Software
  • 4 - End User Hardware
  • 7 - Network Equipment
  • 9 - AV Equipment
  • 10 - Education End User Devices
  • 11 – Peripherals

Education Sector Frameworks

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) ICT Solutions and Supply of Network Infrastructure

Spanning across wide range of networking equipment and services including Servers, Storage and Backup. The framework also includes the installation, maintenance and support of these aspects. Centerprise are currently awarded on the following lots:

  • 1 - Servers and Associated Equipment
  • 2 - Enterprise Storage
  • 3 - Back Up and Archiving
  • 4 - Networking Equipment and Services
Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) Desktop, Hardware and Peripherals

This Framework covers a range of Desktops PC Solutions (including monitors, keyboards, mice etc.), Thin Clients (inclusive of installation services), Maintenance Services, Training & Support and Asset Disposal. Centerprise currently are approved on the following lots:

  • 2 - Portable Devices
  • 2 - ICT Disposal and Recycling
North East Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) Networking - Supply and Services ITS2001NE

Framework spanning across all aspects of Networking supply and services into the University sector. Centerprise are currently awarded on the one lot relating to Networking Consultancy for Universities:

  • 4 - Networking Consultancy Only
Servers, Storage and Solutions National Agreement (SSSNA) Framework for Universities

The purpose of this framework agreement is to deliver an efficient and compliant route to market for the provision of servers, storage and networking equipment and services. Being an active supplier to universities and participating public bodies, Centerprise are currently awarded on the following lots:


Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Framework RM6103 - ICT Services for Education
  • 1 Servers
  • 3a Solutions Excluding HPC
  • 3b - Solutions for HPC or DIC
British Education Suppliers Association (BESA)

BESA members benefit from industry insights and exclusive research reports, while enjoying access to top-quality seminars and networking events. You can save money on marketing at major exhibitions and on a range of other opportunities. Members can also make use of the trusted BESA logo to reassure schools you are a trusted provider.

Healthcare Sector Frameworks

North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative / NHS Shared Business Services (NOECPC/NHSSBS) - Link: Solutions IT

As a single lot, the framework covers Servers (and related products and services), Storage, Networking and Third party software, including bespoke software:

  • N/A - Single Lot 
North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative / NHS Shared Business Services (NOECPC/NHSSBS) - Link: 2 IT Hardware & Services Framework

This framework provides a compliant route to access IT hardware products including laptops, tablets, printers as well as deployment services and warranty services for the healthcare sector. Centerprise currently are approved on the following lots:

  • 1 - Networking Consultancy Only
  • 2 - Laptops
  • 3 - Tablets
  • 4 - Printers/Scanners
  • 7 - Healthcare IT
  • 8 - Deployment Services

Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) Desktop, Laptops  and Multi-Purpose Hardware

This Framework covers a range of Desktops PC Solutions (including monitors, keyboards, mice etc.)

ICT Hardware and Peripherals Equipment Framework Agreement
(TENDER REF: CPC /JE/01/2019)

  • Lot 1 - Desktop PC Solutions
  • Lot 2 - Portable Devices Solution
  • Lot 5 - Multi-Purpose Lot