IT Infrastructure and Network Security

Threats to the security of your business-critical data and applications are ever-present and ever-changing. With the explosion in the amount of data being processed everyday, it has never been more important that your business is agile, vigilant and prepared in the face of a changing security landscape.

Centerprise’s next generation, scalable security solutions provide public and private sector organisations with complete peace of mind that information assets and intellectual property are protected at all times from emerging threats. Whether you’re a large organisation dealing with big data or a smaller one looking to protect what’s most valuable, we can design, depoy and support a scalable solution that works for you.

We have built strong partnerships with some of the IT security industry’s leading providers, including Becrypt, Sophos, and Microsoft to provide you with the very best protection for your most valuable data assets. We have designed all of our solutions to help you to demonstrate full compliance with key data legislation such as GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018, further protecting you from the risk of incurring fines in the event of a data breach.


Protect your data