Security Services

Today, the way organisations manage and use information underpins their ability to function and grow. However, fully protecting these information assets – and intellectual property – is proving increasingly challenging, especially when faced with an ever-changing security landscape, which brings a range of strategic and operational demands. The inclusion of GDPR additionally means there are potentially fines associated with data loss for data handlers and controllers.

The explosion of Big Data, mobility and new international regulations means the impact of doing nothing is huge. With financial risk now comes reputational risk from data loss and theft. As threats increase from hacking to direct theft to malware - how can companies ensure their organisations are protected and stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated attacks?

Few businesses could survive if their network went down or if they lost valuable data. Centerprise International has a full suite of scalable, hybrid, state of the art security, back-up and DR solutions which will keep your business-critical functions operating and protect your data in the event of any disaster.

Our next-generation, scalable solutions, charged at affordable, op-ex payments, will ensure that your profits, customers and brand won’t suffer if – or when – things go wrong. Work with our experts to design and manage your end-to-end risk mitigation strategy that is tailored to meet the needs of your business.