What We Do

Having the right approach to technology is about so much more than the nuts and bolts. In order to achieve your technology vision, you need to optimise your approach in every facet of your organisation - whether that be communicating with your customers and service users, improving availability of your services or streamlining processes.

Centerprise offer a range of in-house digital services to help your organisation succeed. We support with marketing services across web design and development, search engine marketing and social media to help you strengthen your brand. We can help you make your services more accessible to your end-users with mobile app development for iOS, Android and Windows.

We have an incredibly experienced development team with expertise in ASP.NET, PHP, HTML5/CSS3, JQuery, Ajax, MySQL and JavaScript - meaning we can support you with a cutting-edge solution that integrates seamless with your tools and platforms.




Looking for a slick new website or need help with your digital marketing?
Together we’ll make it happen.

Website Design    

We can create a website from scratch or refresh your existing content to help evolve your brand. By paying close attention to your values and tone of voice, we ensure a true representation of your brand is achieved.
Our responsive designs are compatible with every device. We use our own purposely adapted software to measure data and split-test along with commonly used programmes such as Google Analytics. This ensures we can modify and optimise your experience and produce clear results.
  • Layout Designing
  • Responsive HTML

WordPress Development    

Our experienced WordPress developers blend UX with WordPress CMS configuration. We’ll give you peace of mind, ease of use and an optimised website. And by integrating with Salesforce, payment gateways or other 3rd Party APIs, we’ll save you time - removing duplication and scope for error, while supporting your marketing and increasing productivity.
Our experienced WordPress developers blend UX with WordPress CMS configuration. We’ll give you peace of mind with a highly optimised website. We can also integrate with Salesforce, payment gateways or other 3rd Party APIs. We’ll save you time by removing duplication and scope for error while supporting your marketing and increasing productivity.
  • Custom Theme Integration
  • Plugin Development

Web Applications    

When developing web based applications in PHP, Swe can work with any PHP framework, such as: Laravel, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Symfony, Zend Framework
We have implemented numerous Web services and APIs, and have integrated with multiple APIs of third-party programs and service. Our team of experienced engineers is able to properly assess all of the components in the process and provide with a good analysis that can be used for budgeting and setting up deadlines and expectations. PayPal API Implementation - Multiple integration scenarios for accepting payments online, from payment with a PayPal account to seamless gateway integration. UPS API Integration - Shipping API integration, from printing labels and getting real-time shipping quotes, to status tracking. FedEx API Integration, Quick Books API Integration, Google PPC APIs Integration
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • API Integration

ECommerce Development    

Our ecommerce sites are built to provide a great shopping experience, ensuring customers are guided towards making a purchase.
Ecommerce is definitely a great way for any small business to reach more customers and sell more products, but good planning is a must because there are a lot of decisions and cost that can affect sales of e-commerce site. Our professionals design the websites keeping the target audiences in mind and their shopping needs.
  • Ecommerce Website
  • Online shopping solution

Digital Marketing    

We start by researching into the current ranking and performance of your website and then compare this to your competitors. We then develop an audit of your site and identify the key areas for improvement. Once identified, we implement a clear strategy to help you improve your organic reach.
We start our campaigns by talking through in detail, what you are looking to achieve. Once we have this understanding, we work quickly to identify the best strategy to meet your needs. We will identify what channel your audience is on and develop a plan that fits your budget and maximises your efforts. We build PPC campaigns that are geared towards seeing the highest ROI, providing you with more qualified leads.
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Marketing

Application We Developed

We simplify your needs with bespoke web solutions to automate your business processes and simplify operations. Here’s what we've been working on:

  • P2P Portal with Workflows

    Greater transparency and control over external spend. Maximum flexibility to ensure the various needs of your organization can be met. Reduction of time lost in approvals of requisitions, specifications, and invoices. Faster delivery of needed items, reduced inventory of standard items, and better relationships with suppliers.

  • Retail & Ecommerce App

    Reach out to your customers and drive foot traffic to your store with an engaging branded application made through a low-code mobile platform. Update your app on-the-fly and use comprehensive analytics to learn more about your users, automate your mobile marketing, and engage customers with targeted push notifications.

  • HR Management

    Employees can use our app on their smartphone, and upload their work expenses and that goes into our bespoke HR System and get paid via Bank API.

  • Corporate & Manufacturing App

    Manage inventory at multiple locations, track historical usage, and accurately predict future requirements. Multiple warehouse locations, Easily determine material requirements, Schedule builds for material planning, Accurately record finished goods costs


    One of the most important things to your business is its data, make the most of it with our CRM. All of your key sales pipeline data, right where you need it. View all of your data on your mobile, including linked contacts, tasks and assigned contacts. Quickly see the progress of your opportunities in order of their current milestone.

  • Document management systems 

    We offer a very impressive document management suite with a stacked feature as well as particularly strong capabilities in document importing and forms management.

  • Educational App

    We’re skilled in building intelligent mobile apps capable of quickly processing large amounts of data and handling sensitive customer information. No matter how complex the problem, we can build a mobile app to help your school, college or university move forward.

  • Content management systems

    Don’t need to develop a new website but are looking to integrate a system to better manage your content? Our open source CMS solution doubles up as a standard CMS as well as a framework for web applications.

Escape Excel Hell

Bring a pervasive culture to your organization, without the chaos. When you bring together all your people with all your data to explore ideas and make decisions, the possibilities are nearly limitless. But agility without control can create chaos. Our custom solutions offer you the security, scalability and performance that even the most demanding industries require, all within a governed framework that everyone can trust.

Easily combine all your data sources, no matter how large, in to single view. Integrate your Excel spreadsheets in to a single platform and save time and manual intervention.

  • We manage data faster and simpler, saving time and minimizing your processes.
  • We enable you to manage the relations between data, minimizing duplication and reducing human error.
  • We can use open-source tools PHP and .ASP to develop custom Web Solutions.
  • We can implement Business Analytics tools -Qlikview & Qliksense solutions to integrate all your data sources.



We can assist with many complex requirements concerning bespoke web development. Our in-house team works up the best solutions for your online business. Our developers have knowledge that consists of a broad coverage of the programming language, and can help with projects which include:

  • Web Design
  • Responsive Design
  • User Experience
  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • ECommerce Development
  • Content Management Systems
  • App Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Why US


The driving force behind everything we do is producing effective and beautifully designed solutions that maximise your online presence.


We never start a project until we know your business and industry inside out. We then work closely with you to ensure everything we do, communicates that understanding.


Every design and solution we conceive and implement is bespoke to your business. We appreciate that every business is different and thus we are able to tailor every design to meet your individual needs.

Functional and
Clean Coding

We follow all the industry standards and policies when delivering our projects, ensuring you are kept in the loop throughout all developments.

Free Technical

What sets us apart from many web design companies is that we're with you all the way! We don't just end our relationship when your website goes live, we’ll always be there to support you when you need it.