As part of the day-to-day operation of the modern business, there is increasing usage of digital tools that are inevitably networked as part of the IT infrastructure.

This places a greater onus on internal IT teams to uphold an ‘always on’ infrastructure, ensuring tools such as internet connections, desktops, switches, and routers are functioning at all times to aid business success. Inactive servers, server downtime, and service restrictions cause a disturbance which put critical business functions at risk and must be instantly dealt with, leading to increased costs and revenue loss.

Hence why today, businesses opt for a Network Operations Center (NOC) to ensure smooth operation 24/7.


A network operations center (NOC) is a centralised location where IT teams can monitor the performance and health of a network, acting as the first line of defence against all disruptions and failures.

Its worth to an organisation is undisputed, however, it can lead to a stretched IT department struggling or unable to cover 24/7 network monitoring and IT support with standard 9-to-5 staff, no matter the size of the team or business. This, in turn, can result in an in-house NOC team becoming cost-prohibitive, most notably when including indirect expenses such as recruitment, training, and staff retention.

With the rising influence of IT on modern business, outsourcing NOC services have become the norm. A logical move to guarantee both business functions efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


24/7 Support

The most common drawback with in-house NOC teams is the delay in detecting and resolving issues, especially outside of working hours. By outsourcing, you will have a squad of qualified engineers at your disposal quite literally 24/7 to monitor your network infrastructure and swiftly address issues.

Specialist Experts

Outsourced NOC engineers possess a supremely focused skillset and experience in managing and maintaining IT infrastructures of several organisations of varying sizes and complexities. Thus, who better to know how to provide a thorough insight into the health of your critical systems, especially as bringing these skills in-house is rare and retaining these skills even more so.

Better your business

Network operations maintenance can be seen as an afterthought, as it isn’t the core business, therefore becoming less of an internal priority.

By outsourcing, the burden of the day-to-day IT management, monitoring, and service delivery transfers to a NOC partner whose only focus is tackling just that! The higher expertise level and dedication make a significant difference to improve your system reliability and Quality of Service, benefiting all levels of business.

Filtered alerts

Internal network monitoring solutions can rapidly overrun an organisation with the sheer volume of alerts generated, which can camouflage real threats amongst harmless ones. By hiring a specialist to configure and tailor alert triggers to your unique requirements, internal IT staff will only receive notifications of harmful issues which need to be resolved.

Reduced IT costs

Functional outsourcing supports your business priorities, to close a skills/resource gap, or provide flexible scalability without the fixed costs of additional personnel. This lowers risk and enables you to work at full capacity whilst receiving 24/7 support from state-of-the-art expertise and technologies at a portion of the price of forming an in-house NOC.

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