Founded in 1969 as a small dozen-employed Silicon Valley start-up, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) has grown into a market-leading global company of 10,000 people. Today, they boast a vast high-performance computing and visualization product portfolio and are making a big impression in the gaming sector, achieving many important industry firsts along the way.

They help to crack some of the world’s toughest challenges, leading the semiconductor industry to own the next 50 years with high-performance computing and graphics solutions the world has never seen.


AMD is one of one. Currently, it is the only company in the world that produces both graphics and computer technology at a high-performance level. This means whether you are interested in gaming, VR, AR, artificial intelligence, or the latest cloud infrastructures, AMD is the only business versatile enough to merge these into solutions.

Most recently, they introduced the world’s first 7nm gaming GPU. This ground-breaking graphics card delivers exceptional performance for gaming, VR, 3D rendering and video editing applications.

Their varied research focus ranges from circuit design and computer architecture to system software and application engineering. AMD hopes to influence the world through their findings and creations, not only the industry but also the academic field, wanting to be historically respected and explored.

They utilise research teams containing leading academics and industry personnel, as well as recent graduates from premier research universities, priding themselves on collaborating with the brightest minds the industry has to offer.

AMD’s Quality Policy is a declaration of their commitment to ensuring the highest of standards. Their company-wide focus on quality management allows them to search and produce innovative products no one would have envisioned while maintaining that standard. Their staff, processes, and systems are in alignment with ISO 9001, and they only select ISO 9001 certified manufacturers.

Their customers expect perfection from AMD, and they hold that responsibility dear. They are renowned for delivering a premium customer experience, welcoming feedback and dialogue as one of their core values.

AMD continuously combat security vulnerabilities they detect and respond swiftly to prevent damaging impact. They regularly issue security bulletins to their partners, such as a detailed description of the vulnerabilities and potential impact.

The AMD Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) is a global team that oversees the receipt, investigation, and internal coordination of security vulnerability details of AMD products.


If you want the best value-for-price products in the industry, look no further than AMD. Their convenient pricing further separates them from their competition, helping you gain a step on yours without breaking the bank.

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