This reveal follows the recent announcement by TechUK and the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Digital Organisation of a new Collaboration Code of Practice for collaboration between the department and its industrial counterparts. The detail was prepared by a joint working group comprising some techUK’s industry members and representatives from the Defence Digital Commercial team.

It represents a significant move forward, in that it addresses some of the main issues which caused some friction in the past - when dealings between industry and the department were more traditional and distant; towards a new relationship which seeks to develop closer working through collaboration.

All signatories have committed to changing behaviours and the dynamics of the relationship between the MOD and Industry - to deliver benefits to all concerned and engender a more trusted business environment.

To that end the joint Code of Practice reflects the following five key points:

  1.  Improved visibility & engagement on existing & future business opportunities.
  2.  Encouraging regular formal and informal dialogue to enable improved long-term business relationships.
  3. Delivering business with increased commercial buy-in via direct involvement and a better understanding of each other’s organisation and drivers.
  4. Talk first (rather than letter or email exchanges).
  5. Use of ISO 44001 “Collaborative Business Relationship Management Systems” where appropriate.

Formerly shared between members towards the end of 2020, the code and entire list of signatures were released on techUK’s website, and various social media channels (Twitter/LinkedIn), on Thursday 14th January 2021 14:30 (UK GMT). With the MOD also publicising the list through Strategic Command’s social media channels simultaneously. Centerprise International’s partnership with the MOD and our fellow peers is one of high honour to us, and we aim to continue treating it as such. The new Codec ode, along with our reputable customer-centric company policy, puts us in great stead to remain a valued partner.