The Digital Workplace Solutions framework aims to aid the NHS, and the public sector in-whole, procure cost-effective IT solutions.

Created by NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), the initiative offers leading technological products from a vast portfolio of software and IT infrastructure to be delivered by 28 reputable public sector suppliers. Centerprise International is one of those 28 trusted providers who aim to save the sector an estimated value of £75m, with price listings 15% lower compared to direct purchasing from a manufacturer.

It grants public entities, such as NHS trusts, universities, police, and local councils, with a simpler and less expensive method of acquiring high-quality IT solutions. And facilitates a swift and efficient means to obtain enterprise licence agreements specifically tailored for the NHS, such as N365 (Microsoft’s Office 365) amongst others.

Superseding the well-received previous Link: IT Solutions Framework, this new Digital Workplace Solutions agenda highlights a rising amount of digital and IT projects managed by NHS SBS including Link: Hardware, Cloud Solutions, Cyber Security Services, IT Consultancy, and Healthcare Clinical Information Systems.

The framework possesses an estimated worth of £500m and is planned to operate until August 2022 with a two-year extension capability to 2024 if required.