The merging of education and cutting-edge technologies are vital to many programs in the schooling industry. There have been many innovative e-learning techniques, seen as the recipes to create the classroom of the future.

Let’s explore some of the tools that pose to take over the industry, and help to improve student experience moving forward:


    A “blockchain” is a concentrated book of records that can be shared by a community. Each member of this ‘community’ maintains his or her copy of the information, which can’t be erased, aiding with data security as its permanent. Student records are endless, and with Blockchain technology, details such as attendance, courses, grades, and coursework, can be stored under their blockchain record.

    No participant can tamper with a record after it has been saved, a trait that has students the world over calling for it. If a record has an error, a new record must be added to correct it, and both the incorrect and correct records will remain forever visible.

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    The traditional system is outdated in this technologised culture we live in, enter AI. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence aims to aid rather than replace teachers, helping them perform much better by offering personalized recommendations to each pupil. AI customizes in-class projects as well as exams and assignments, ensuring that students get tailor-made assistance.

    Research suggests that instant feedback is essential to tutoring. Through AI-powered apps, students get quick, precise, responses from their teachers. It also allows teachers to use the feedback to tutor students depending on the challenges they face.


    Game-Based Learning (GBL), simply put, is the inclusion of the subject matter into games. It can be used to improve teaching, as the knowledge and skills gained via GBL are retained longer compared to other methods. To maximise their effectiveness, the games need to be well-designed and have specific learning tasks and goals.

    Educational gaming can greatly develop self-learning and problem-solving skills. One of the key benefits of GBL is that each student receives immediate feedback on their performance, including highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, in a fun environment.

  • 5G

    The fifth generation of wireless technology, 5G promises revolutionary speed and low latency. This would mean quicker downloads, more powerful networks, and the fastest transfer of information ever. The Internet of Things and virtual learning are some of the industries that 5G is thought to transform.

    A 5G-enabled classroom could include a holographic teacher who can project in to lead discussions on specialised topics or connected devices that could help close gaps in education for international students.


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