Body-worn cameras (BWCs), how effective are they? In 2016, research by Cambridge University detailed its plentiful benefits for many sectors- especially the police. Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, London Metropolitan Police (Met) Commissioner, claimed the number of guilty pleas from criminals would rise “when they know we have captured the incident.”

Since then, BWC and its popularity have soared. The large public and political support have led to wide-ranging use elsewhere. For example, schools and universities started trialling BWCs to help safety measures and monitor behaviour. And BWC-equipped rail employees are now able to record assaults.

The education sector, UK law enforcement agencies, and politicians continuously advocate for it. Body-worn cameras are more prevalent than ever. Here are four body-worn camera facts you need to know:


    The placement of the camera on your body is vital- as it affects the point of view recorded on the footage. For security agents and police officers of the like, the best locations for placing a bodycam should mimic the actual line of sight to capture clear evidence. Depending on what you will use the footage for, there are different types of devices and mounting options, which is why proper bodycam installation is crucial.


    BWC comes equipped with pre-recording and one-button record capabilities for ideal use whilst on the field. As such, you should be able to swiftly activate the camera during an emergency. The convenience of the device reigns supreme as it enables users to download, manage and store the videos with ease.


    Weight is a significant factor in regards to long-term comfort and usage. The balance between the weight against features, size, and durability is critical. After all, no one wants to buy a camera that breaks easily, and the device should have the essential hardware and software you require.
    Heavy cameras can negatively affect user performance. Although you want your recorder to be rugged and durable, too much extra weight proves a burden when on duty. It can’t be understated- balance is the key here.
    Additionally, Body-worn cameras own weather-resistant abilities, withstanding any harsh weather and environmental factors in your operation area. Rain, snow, and other conditions, greatly affect the quality of recordings, so buying a video recorder that operates clearly under such circumstances is huge.


    Managing the data recorded by the camera is vital. Due to the large footage size, it is imperative that retrieving, storing, and sharing this data is a low stress-inducing affair. These recordings are often relied on to prove the user acted out of necessity or as evidence to perpetrators. Thus, you must have a device that is convenient, reliable, high-quality, and secure.

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