To Hyper-converge or to stick to tradition- so to speak- that’s the topic at hand. Well, to understand whether Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) is for you, a thorough look at metrics- on power, space, cooling, etc- and your allocated budget is imperative.

These metrics are crucial as they allow you to compare the total operational cost (TCO) of running a traditional architecture rather than an HCI architecture. So, let’s talk infrastructures:



Hyper-converged infrastructure delivers a nearly invisible set-up as most of the complexity conceals inside the platform. As such, it remains best suited if you require general-purpose infrastructure with little constant maintenance. The typical HCI construction utilises local storage in the physical servers to create a scale-out storage cluster for virtual machines.

These same physical servers also run a hypervisor to generate a scale-out compute pack for the VMs. Usually, HCI products offer servers and storage. Thus, customers remain expected to provide networking equipment.

Additionally, HCI products simplify and automate update processes, allowing customers to administrate updates remotely via a convenient web interface- a more efficient and less time-consuming method. It’s no surprise then that those who fall in love with HCI often enjoy spending less time managing their virtualisation infrastructure, and more on VMs and applications.



Easy deployment
Convenient operations: Operational tasks reside on VMs instead of infrastructure
Simple growth: Scale-out model where new physical servers added increases HCI cluster capacity
Cheap entry cost



Limited capacity for expansion cards limits your HCI options
Small servers
Virtualisation specific
Limited scaling



When selecting a virtualisation platform- special requirements- and how much control you prefer should be accessed. It’s always best to begin by evaluating HCI options that require minimal attention and building from that.

Should you go with a traditional infrastructure, choosing every component for yourself should be a last resort, especially if you request something unusual.

Whatever you decide, Centerprise International has the tools to make this process incredibly smooth and seamless for you. Contact us now for more information on how we can make your life easier!