It can be expensive and time-consuming to manage your desktop environment in-house. There are several things your IT staff would have to maintain, such as 24/7 support, troubleshooting, and updating of each PC as well as applications your users run. With remote working increasing in popularity, this makes the task more challenging. Enter Desktop as a Service- aka- DaaS. 

DaaS hosts your desktop environment in the cloud, overseen by a third-party provider on a subscription-based contract. This gives your organisation a readily available virtualised desktop with all the features you need.

The flexibility and on-demand nature of DaaS mean that your environment remains accessible remotely from a PC, mobile phone, and various other smart devices. Here a few more reasons migrating to a managed desktop environment could be in your best interest:



So, we’ve already highlighted how DaaS lowers the strain on your IT department. That’s just one of a multitude of key benefits:

  1. Decreased reliance for a data center. An on-premises or VDI environment requires a fully equipped data center. By reducing that need, DaaS can help with expenses, especially for organisations that rent space in a third-party data center or are running out of capacity at their existing data center.
  2. Cost management. With DaaS, you can continually scale your desktop requirements up or down based on the volume of users. So, you pay only for the virtual resources that you need. This can help your organization avoid the up-front capital expenditures associated with an on-premises environment.
  3. Reduced security risks. Users as well as security staff and compliance officers don't need to worry about sensitive data being compromised as all data is hosted in the cloud. This also creates a more secure scenario for remote work and BYOD (bring your own device).
  4. Secure access to all necessary resources. DaaS offers a secure cloud-based environment from which users can access SaaS applications, cloud-based office software, cloud services, file shares, and corporate resources, just as they would from an on-premises device. The only requirement is a solid internet connection.
  5. Better option for remote work. With the transition to remote working, DaaS can benefit employees whether or not they have a company-provided device. Those who have a company device may still need to use apps and tools that can't be served over a VPN. Those without such a device, including short-term employees, contractors, or even new employees, can use their own devices to access the desktop environment.


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