Move to the cloud’ That phrase is brandished around constantly but has anyone clearly defined why you should do so? We identify 5 key reasons why moving to the cloud is the right reason for your business. So put the kettle on, sit back, relax and discover how a move to the cloud is a lot easier than you may have first thought and how it can benefit your company:

Large amounts of money and resources, both internally and externally, are poured into developing and installing servers, constantly maintaining and backing them up. Finding a suitable place on or off-premise can be time-consuming and a needless headache. A physical server requires specific software and maintenance to access and maintain, then the decision over how often to backup and where to store it comes into play.

With cloud computing, these headaches are eradicated. Transitioning to the cloud allows your business to access the software via the internet anywhere at anytime. It is also a much safer way of storing and sharing data, with a backup always available should it be needed. Should an employee need to work remotely for the day, then this is where working via the cloud will thrive. Costs can be saved and all employees can safely access and collaborate on work, all they need is an internet connection.

The cloud can excel your business, with field workers being able to provide real-time data and updates to those based back at the office. No longer are repetitive tasks such as data entry a thing within the cloud, further increases efficiency.

Data centres and servers aren’t cheap, they cost a lot of money to setup and maintain. Staff will need to operate outside of their typical workload to ensure everything is running smoothly, perform backups and be on hand should any problems occur. This all contributes to your workforce not being fully optimised.

Upon moving to a cloud-based system you only pay for the services you use and all the hard work is taken care of by the other company. Cloud providers will charge you based on the features, storage, and number of users you opt for.

Backup, backup, backup, it’s drilled in your head from school but it’s not typically still disaster strikes that you start to take it seriously. With cloud storage, you can save the pain and time of coming up with a backup plan and you can rest assured that your data will always be safe from permanent loss.

The cloud makes use of the internet connection and is constantly backing up your data, even if your whole workforce somehow lost access, the minute they come back to it they’d be right back where they left off. Moving to the cloud means you don’t need to be an expert when it comes to data management.

Wherever you are, you can have the piece-of-mind to know that your system and most importantly your data is safely stored and should a disaster occur everything will still be available to you. No longer do you have to manually keep on top of things.

Data is the most important component of any business, without it where would you be? Going hand-in-hand with that is ensuring that your data is safe and secure from external sources.

When you have physical servers and data centres it requires a lot of work to keep on top of and the emphasis is all on you to maintain. If there is a breach of security and goods are compromised such as laptops stolen then your data could easily be compromised, this problem doesn’t exist on the cloud. If your data is stored in the cloud and have any confidential information you wish to move or delete, this can be done with ease and information can be moved to different accounts and access levels altered.

Breaching the security measures on cloud platforms is extremely difficult, hence the assurance the cloud provides.

Whether it’s your personal choice or on behalf of the business, we always want to have choices. Giving us the freedom to choose bundles that meet our individual needs makes a whole lot of difference in feeling confident in your choice.

When it comes to cloud computing it can seem overwhelming, there are the main groups of PaaS, IaaS & SaaS, with each having various subcategories that vary across providers.Additionally, cloud services aren't simply about services or resources, but about providing fully-fledged IT systems. This makes them extremely versatile and flexible in terms of user and business needs.

It can be overwhelming having so many choices and not knowing which one is the right choice for your business. Luckily Centerprise is a trusted cloud solutions provider, we work alongside our partners to provide the optimal solution for our customers.