Centerprise International and SATAVIA announce software partnership to bring atmospheric intelligence to the UK defence sector

  1. Actively deploying atmospheric intelligence and carbon-reduction technology to the military
  2. Continuing to drive short-term and long-term climate change strategies


Centerprise International and SATAVIA today announce a strategic partnership, enabling Centerprise to provide SATAVIA’s industry-leading software to UK defence aviation, which is responsible for about two-thirds of MoD fuel consumption.

The right solution

SATAVIA’s DECISIONX platform digitises the atmosphere from surface to space, generating uniquely actionable intelligence for a suite of aerospace applications.

SATAVIA’s product lines include digital twin (DECISIONX:5-DX), smart asset monitoring (DECISIONX:FLEET), and green operations modules (DECISIONX:NETZERO), offering defence operators an extensive suite of capabilities.

By partnering with Centerprise, one of the UK’s leading technology solution providers, SATAVIA can extend its commercial reach and sustainability value into new sectors. “We are delighted to partner with Centerprise to make our advanced technology easily accessible to defence, space, and other related sectors,” said Dr Adam Durant, SATAVIA CEO. “We anticipate significant growth in the use of synthetic, atmospheric digital twin technology by these sectors, which will accelerate the delivery of economic and climate change goals.”

A strong collaboration

The SATAVIA/Centerprise partnership has been established following a first client engagement in the defence sector. The defence sector is anticipated to become the largest adopter of digital twin technologies across synthetic R&D, predictive maintenance, war gaming, mission planning, and real time mission intelligence use-cases. This engagement builds on SATAVIA’s prior projects in the commercial aviation sector, where leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) have utilised SATAVIA technology to enable predictive maintenance, increase asset availability, and optimise supply chain management.

“Our collaboration with SATAVIA means we are well positioned to support leading UK defence organisations in reducing their carbon output and sustainability targets using emerging technology,” said Mark Brady, Director Defence and Security at Centerprise. “Crown Commercial Services and related frameworks allow our key clients to readily and safely exploit the financial benefits of cloud, AI and DeepTech innovations like SATAVIA’s digital twin offering and ground-breaking DECISIONX platform which powers a suite of high-value aerospace use-cases.”

Climate change and sustainability

In addition to enabling synthetic simulation and smarter asset management, SATAVIA’s DECISIONX platform also enables greener operations, an important consideration for defence sector players mandated to achieve carbon neutral operations in the mid-term. ‘Our climate-focused product, DECISIONX: NETZERO, empowers smarter, greener operations,’ said Durant. “We’re already working with leading asset operators like Etihad Airways, reducing flight operation climate impact by up to 60% via contrail prevention. By partnering with Centerprise, we now plan to extend our sustainability adaptation into the UK defence sector, helping leading players to reduce their climate footprint while maintaining operational efficiency.”

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SATAVIA applies data analytics and atmospheric science to make aviation smarter and greener. SATAVIA’s proprietary DECISIONX platform generates a digital twin of the atmosphere, simultaneously enabling reduced climate impact through contrail prevention and offsetting (DECISIONX: NETZERO) and smarter fleet condition monitoring (DECISIONX: FLEET), alongside a suite of digital twin use-cases. Combining deep aerospace connections with an agile start-up culture, SATAVIA is able to scale quickly and adapt to new opportunities and partnerships.?Rooted in scientific and technological acumen and working with leading players ranging from Microsoft to Airbus, SATAVIA embodies an entrepreneurial mindset with the ambition to transform the relationship between aviation and the environment.

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