Centerprise International launches new social media screening tool in partnership with
Social Media Check

  • Fully automated screening checks of Public and Private posts deliver insights to your inbox in minutes to controlled recipients following a two-step consent and report process
  • 100% security guarantee with compliance to GDPR and ISO 27001 standards
  • Approved App partner of social media platforms

Centerprise International today announces a new partnership with Social Media Check (SMC) to provide its UK customers a fully automated risk assessment service which checks an individual’s social media history. As an approved App partner of social media platforms, SMC checks both public and private posts following an individual’s consent and returns a comprehensive report in under thirty minutes.

“Most people have a significant social media footprint and posts are under scrutiny more than ever. SMC helps employers and employees to identify, manage and mitigate risks for roles where compliance and security concerns are a consideration or where reputational damage can cause embarrassment or financial and legal penalties,” said Nic Whelan, SMC Business Development Director.

Fully Automated System

SMC’s software solution uses machine learning and algorithms to eliminate the need for manual searches and the possibility of unconscious bias. The tool identifies risks across seven categories: toxic language, extreme groups, violent images, hate speech, swearing and profanity, adult images, and negative sentiment. The solution can also be easily integrated into HR management systems.

‘Centerprise have a number of initiatives to bring new technological capabilities to our many Defence customers. We are delighted to partner with SMC to deliver a fully automated risk assessment service which increases efficiency and transforms the manual vetting process experience,’ said Mark Brady, Director Defence and Security at Centerprise.

GDPR and Security

SMC is fully GDPR compliant with checks only conducted with the individual’s permission. It uses OAuth, enabling information to be exchanged without users having to disclose their passwords. In addition, the SMC solution, including hosting services and software, all comply with the most stringent data security standards (ISO27001).

Use Case Scenarios

The SMC solution is applicable across a wide variety of public and private sector markets where an effective vetting process is required, such as for new hires or when companies want to ensure employees meet their corporate values. Moreover, it helps educate individuals on the appropriate use of social media and its potential impacts. “Growing up online, we create a significant amount of data about ourselves. Sometimes, we mistakenly share things that no longer represent us. SMC provides the opportunity to edit or delete a post that doesn’t reflect a person’s true values or behaviours today,” added Whelan.

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