What is steam education you ask? STEAM in education is the use of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics, to develop intangible skills in students that translate to the modern working environment, such as critical thinking and innovation. It builds on the foundations of STEM education but, unlike STEM, encourages creative thinking and processes via problem-based learning methods with the inclusion of an Arts sector.

That’s a fair amount of words to say, STEAM education is wildly successful, rising in popularity, and trending to consume the education sector. And as is our nature, Centerprise remains hip to new trends and their potential impact in the IT world.

So, why is STEAM education important? Read on to find out.



    1. Increases creativity and critical thinking
    2. Promotes equality
    3. Encourages collaboration
    4. Improves student engagement
    5. Builds a versatile workforce


    Computer or technology literacy is a massive thing in today's working climate as businesses take advantage of the convenience of going digital. Previously limited to just the IT technicians of an organisation, every section, whether it be marketing, sales, or finance, now requires staff to be comfortable using a range of tools and software. A such, the more IT savvy an individual is, the more attractive they are in the job market.

    Building a capable, sustainable workforce is beneficial on every level, from local communities to the national economy, and transferrable skills such as IT literacy are a vital component of that, especially when educating younger ages, hence STEAM. By including the familiarity of Arts into STEM to STEAM education, you provide a better, fun learning environment for students whereby they are less intimidated, work with peers to find solutions, and enjoy the process of acquiring said skills. This has a knock-on effect by maximising engagement through the use of methods such as visual problem solving on an interface.

    Similar to how social media has captivated the young audience, Art education enables students to learn things at different paces, on different platforms, and in an open-ended manner. This nurtures the creative element that has shaped technology in a variety of forms, impacting the world considerably. Coding, advertising, software designing, graphic designing, and branding are a few of the endless possibilities’ technology has provided, which has created a wealth of job opportunities and businesses globally.


    STEAM balances the playing field by giving students from all backgrounds and socioeconomic levels the chance to have hands-on experience with various tools they wouldn’t usually have access to at home. They learn how to manage these resources in its entirety, how to construct, mend, and utilise them, arming less fortunate students with the same skills as their more fortunate students.

    Nothing illustrates this point more than the growing presence of women in the STEM field. Women are undervalued in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math markets, and as such, discouraged from entering these sectors due to limited support and opportunities. STEAM exposes women to these options at a young age, developing the required knowledge needed to boost their aptitude and the probability of them navigating those fields as they grow, whether in further education or job occupation.


    STEAM education is the perfect tactic to develop the necessary abilities needed from the future workforce further growing the economy and elevating the world with advanced innovations.

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