• Maintain routine

    Get up at your normal time, shower and dress for work rather than wearing your PJs

  • Structure

    Try to Structure your day to get the most from it

  • Be Realistic

    Be realistic about what you can achieve


  • Short Bursts

    Consider working in short bursts – don’t stare at a computer screen for hours

  • Breaks

    Do take breaks, hydrate and eat well

  • Virtual Breaks

    Consider a virtual coffee break with colleagues at a set time (e.g. using WhatsApp video or Zoom)

  • Zoning work space

    Distinguish between work and home. If possible set aside a separate work zone

  • Know Your Employee Support

    Recognise when it is time to contact your Employee Assistance Provider (if your company has one)

  • Family need you too

    If you have family with you at home, recognise they need your time too...

  • Respond to illness

    If you feel unwell seek professional support