Maintain business continuity safely with Centerprise’s Thermal Imaging Solution.

Coronavirus has forced businesses to adjust and adapt to maintain continuity. Centerprise is always scouring the market to find innovative services we can offer, and our Thermal Imaging Solution is just that, helping organisations mitigate the impact of COVID-19.

A main confirmed symptom of the virus is a fever. With high specification thermal cameras, you can accurately record skin temperature in a non-contact fashion, which aids in managing the spread of COVID-19. The cameras, placed at the entrance and exit points, can analyse human body temperature with precision and recognize abnormalities within seconds. Should a recorded temperature be above the average body temperature by a significant margin, an alert will immediately trigger, allowing you to act quickly.

They are perfect for identifying individuals who may have a fever without any visible symptoms and are currently being installed extensively in workplaces, as a measure of containment of COVID-19.

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