These days, broad, modern workforces are powerful in size, with increasing demands for new ways of working. There is an expectation for workplace technology to mirror the convenience of technology they would use as customers.

Companies remain aware of the need to create positive user experiences yet, often struggle to deliver. According to a report conducted by Insight, 16% of survey respondents are concerned with the employee experience and other challenges related to accessing competitive technology.

In the digital age we live in, to attract and retain top talent and empower a productive and engaged workforce, the gap between end-user expectations and experiences must be closed. To do so without taxing your IT team is challenging. The day-to-day operations of device management can be a drain on resources leaving little room for innovation. Here are three vital tools to creating a seamless work end-user experience:  



Aligning with a partner who can provide workplace services or a managed office solution will simplify your IT — from procurement, configuration, and testing to deployment and ongoing management. Plus, workplace services are billed on a monthly subscription for a more effective and predictable cost model.

Some benefits of a managed office solution include:

  1. Reduced support costs and higher return on investment
  2. Reclaimed IT resources for business-critical projects
  3. Improved service levels and end-user support
  4. IT governance and scalability

A DaaS solution tailored to individual user needs can help you deliver the competitive devices workers need while offsetting capital expenses.

Why wait to upgrade your technology and empower your staff to do more? With Centerprise Device as a Service, you could get access to the latest devices, wrapped in industry-leading services, on a flexible subscription model.


In a recent study by Softchoice, 85% of applicants claimed they “feel it’s important for their employer to provide technology that enables them to work remotely.” Additionally, 74% would quit their current job for another job at the same salary if they had the option to work remotely more often. Remote working is vital to the modern workforce. It has ushered in a complex landscape of devices. This proliferation of devices makes lifecycle management and endpoint security a consistent pain point for IT teams. To help your business run with confidence, offload the full lifecycle of mobile management to a trusted partner. Working with a partner is a more efficient, cost-effective solution that can help you:

  1. Determine the right devices for the needs of your users.
  2. Create a mobile endpoint strategy.
  3. Procure, provision and deploy new technology.
  4. Manage endpoint security and respond to threats.
  5. Support end users and take the burden off internal IT.
  6. Manage and refresh devices without disruption.


Whether your workforce is remote, entirely on-site, or a combination, having the appropriate collaboration tools is vital to business operations and employee satisfaction. Solutions such as cloud-based unified communications, high-definition audio/video, IP phones, mobile devices, and more help unify your workforce. Equipping your organisation with technology alone isn’t enough. Adequate training is imperative for a seamless end-user experience, as is readily available to support when technology hiccups occur.



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