UK, October 12, 2022

Investing in Wales

Centerprise International establishes a new IT Operations Centre in Ystrad Mynach, Caerphilly.

Centerprise International formally marks the opening of its new 70,000 square feet IT operational facility on its 17-acre site in Ystrad Mynach, Caerphilly County in South Wales on 12th October. A strategic investment of £6 million in the Company’s future with the aim of creating new employment opportunities and further enhance the services provided to customers and partners while driving economic growth for Wales.

The company’s ongoing investment in PC building, managed services, cloud provisioning and IT asset lifecycle management will provide career opportunities in the areas of digital, data and technology for current and future generations of Wales.

Centerprise International New IT Operations Centre, Tulips 5


Supporting local economies

Centerprise has committed to a voluntary economic agreement to work strategically in Wales to deliver transformational change that will tackle regional challenges and improve the lives of people across Wales. The company is committed to work with its Welsh Public Sector customers to use technology innovation to improve the delivery of essential services for the betterment of Wales and its citizens.

The new facility strengthens the company’s longstanding commitment to Wales where it has maintained a presence for over 17 years and currently employs about 40 people. The company aims to generate a minimum of 70 new jobs in the region, ranging from PC building to cloud provisioning. Many of the new jobs will be aligned to early career apprenticeships, working in collaboration with technical colleges in the surrounding area.

The new infrastructure adds significant production capacity for PC building and configuration services, enabling Centerprise to provide its valued customers with an unprecedented volume of devices that are ready to use out of the box.

Moreover, the additional capacity will further enhance Centerprise’s involvement in the Esports industry where it is already supplying high-end gaming PCs and bespoke arenas for Education establishments, Football Clubs and Esports arenas across the UK and Europe. The multi-billion-pound industry is likely to be the centre of gravity for digital skills in the future. Centerprise’s Esports business will provide opportunities for the current and future generations of Wales in one of the fastest growing areas of technology.

With field service engineers, network engineers and developers, this site will be the nerve centre for all technical operations within the Centerprise Services Division. The team will design, install, maintain, and support solutions on and off-premises, offering skilled engineering resources within easy reach of Welsh customers. The explosive growth of data is giving cause for businesses to consider cloud adoption as a priority. This pivot towards cloud is driving growth in the adoption of Centerprise’s CiCloud platform and its related services. The company has also invested in cloud proof of concept capabilities that are equipped to ensure its customers are at the forefront of technology innovation and adopt cloud services in an informed way.

Centerprise International CEO Jeremy Nash


Sustainable by design

Within the new facility, Centerprise is demonstrating its commitment to sustainability through CiRecycling, its IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) business specialising in all aspects of IT Asset Disposal from audit to resale or recycling. The new area within Ystrad Mynach is designed to manage the rapidly increasing demand for secure, streamlined processing of IT Asset Recovery. Benefits help:

  1. Decrease the amount of e-waste
  2. Reduce mining of raw materials and precious metals
  3. Provide centerprise clients with sustainable refurbished IT hardware

Furthermore, Centerprise is the IT Asset Disposal partner for SunScreenIT, a charity whose sole purpose is to enable social and economic reform through the deployment of sustainable IT solutions into schools in developing nations and impoverished areas within the UK.

To help ensure employee safety, the site will be equipped with state-of-the-art ventilation, filtration, and air distribution systems. Employee benefits include a full-service cafeteria with indoor and outdoor seating, outdoor open spaces, and access to trails and public transportation.

To mark the opening, Welsh sculptor Glenn Morris was chosen to create a sculpture to portray the evolution of employment opportunities from a past era (coal mining and steel working) to the modern day (digital technology) and the use of technology to address social inequity and improve economic growth within communities served.

“The opening of this new operations centre signals a commitment to provide career opportunities in digital, data and technology for the current and future generations of Wales. This new facility also sits at the centre of Centerprise’s drive to make the IT industry more sustainable by squeezing every ounce of value and useable life from each IT asset we deploy and support. We will use this facility to serve the interests of our valued customers, partners, and employees. This is another proud and immensely significant milestone in Centerprise’s journey.” says Jeremy Nash, CEO Centerprise International.

About Centerprise International

Centerprise International Ltd was founded in 1983, as an engineering and manufacturing company. A leading UK IT Service Provider Partner and manufacturer, providing end-to-end IT solutions in collaboration with best-of-breed IT innovation partners and a proven understanding of the UK's regulated IT landscape. The company offers a diverse portfolio including, business and gaming computer manufacturing; ICT products; software development services; ICT solutions, managed services, cloud services; Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services; end of life IT hardware management and IT Asset Management Services through CiRecycling, its IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) Business Unit which also partners with SunscreenIT to help put an end to e-waste and reduce mining of raw materials and precious metals.