4 Reasons to go custom build for your education PC refresh

When it comes to a technology purchase, there is no shortage of options. PC hardware is no different. Desktop vs Laptop? What about Windows 10 tablets? Not to mention the various options around the specification.

Regardless of the form factor, or the components, all PCs bought in the UK will typically come from one of two channels: off-the-shelf or built-to-order.

Making a decision on which of these to choose often represents a wider choice on what type of system builder to choose: global or national.

Which way you swing depends on far more than how quick you need your tech. In fact, the decision you make will likely impact on the quality of the product you get, how long it lasts and even have a knock on effect on the wider UK economy.

We set out four key reasons to go for a PC custom built in the UK for your summer device project.


You get exactly the right device

When you buy off the shelf PCs, often there is a trade off. Within education and public sector, often there are specific use cases that the PC technology needs to support. When you buy an off the shelf product, the configuration options are limited at best, which can mean that some users end up with more or less power than they need for their workflows.

With end user hardware that is custom built in the UK to your requirements, there are no compromises. You can design each device to each user's requirement. Need some low-end devices to support basic digital literacy at KS2? You can spec it. Need a higher end device for a KS3 media suite? Sure, you got it.


You get the best components

With pre-assembled, off the shelf units - often the focus is on the PC brand itself. A fancy looking case from a company that advertises on TV may be enough to entice your average PC world punter, but the requirements in education and public sector are very different. The devices are used all day, 5 days a week, across a 5 year lifespan. For you to get a low total cost of ownership across that lifespan, you need to give yourself the best possible chance. You do this by buying the best components: high quality motherboards, branded memory, and power supplies that are built to last. With a PC custom built in the UK, sourced from a supplier like Centerprise, careful attention goes into sourcing each part based on its quality and durability. Quotations feature a line list that details what you'll get inside your custom built PC if you order, so you can independently validate the credentials of components upfront.


You get the latest Intel goodness

When PCs have been sitting in a warehouse gathering dust, the technology is ageing. Intel release new processors all of the time, and every iteration comes with significantly more performance per pound. With budgets under increasing pressure, you need to make sure that your tech investments will last. The best way to do that through an end user hardware lens is to get the latest and greatest silicon from Intel - it is a solid futureproofing strategy.

Centerprise PCs, like our Renatus desktops, come custom built with a wide range of Intel processors up to Intel 8th Generation Core i7.


You’re helping Britain’s economy

Brexit has brought about a revised focus on the British economy. Whether you voted Leave or Remain, with eyes firmly focused on the future, it’s highly likely our best chance of making Brexit work for the greater good of the UK economy is to buy British wherever possible.

UK OEMs like Centerprise design and build PCs here in the UK. In our case, in a state-of-the-art and secure manufacturing facility in Caerphilly. Centerprise are a privately owned UK business paying UK corporation tax. This is a different approach to global OEMs who are manufacturing in other regions.

We employ far more people in the UK than many billion dollar multinationals, which is testament to our commitment to this great nation. As a leading supplier to education and public sector, it also means that tax pounds spent with Centerprise are reinvested back into UK supply chain and jobs. Everyone wins.


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