Since our inception in 1983, we at Centerprise International pride ourselves on promoting development, with a strong focus on building lasting relationships and delivering great service. We are proud to sponsor many teams and organisations who exhibit the core values we hold dear.

Recently, members of our Welsh team were invited to the Afon Taf High School in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales. It was soon apparent how enthusiastic the students and teachers were about technology and its potential to benefit a healthy learning environment. As such, we were pleased to provide six Lenovo laptops along with over £350 to the establishment. With a strong presence in Wales, we want to have a positive impact on the community, helping to provide a better education for all.

The British Army's 8 Training Battalion REME Ice Hockey team is an organisation we are delighted to aid. Founded in October 1942 and based in Lyenam, Wiltshire, the Royal Electrical Mechanical Engineers are a staple of the British Army. Whether it be repairing, modifying, maintaining or inspecting the army's large variety of equipment; they are always on hand, working in all locations with every unit.

Setting trends both on and off the field of play, The Royal Air Force Rugby Women's team displays all the qualities Centerprise International admires. It is an honor to work alongside women who embody teamwork, discipline, and tenacity. Be it in the cockpit, providing technical support or any of the other many roles, they work tirelessly to keep the UK's airspace protected.

The UK's Ministry of Defence's Armed Forces Covenant is the nation's way of showing gratitude to those who serve and have served selflessly to keep our homeland safe. Who show and showed bravery, integrity, and commitment on a day to day basis. Centerprise International is pleased to be associated with an organisation who provides many services such as, education, healthcare and financial assistance to ensure members of the Armed Forces family have the same opportunities as any other citizen.