• Do you know all the benefits that Dell EMC PowerMax can bring to your business?

    PowerMax is unmatched in the industry, helping you to improve the scalability, performance, efficiency, resiliency, and security of your data storage by utilising robust architecture, simple operation, and trusted innovation.

    PowerMax has grown in capability and comes equipped with several new features to take your business to the next level, including mission-critical vVols availability. PowerMax SRDF brings mission-critical storage to VMware virtual volumes. Safeguard your IT investments and achieve your cloud computing and application modernisation demands. Seamless cloud mobility and simple, efficient data mobility to and from public clouds save costs by leveraging agile and economical storage. Unmatched data resiliency and security, intelligent storage add new levels of resiliency, efficiency, and peace of mind. Plus, experience remote replication over extended distances or across multiple sites.

    1. Powerful architecture with extreme performance consolidates demanding mixed workloads.
    2. Built-in machine learning automates data placement for optimal performance with no management overhead.
    3. Highly secure end-to-end efficient encryption safeguards digital assets with 3.5:1 data reduction, guaranteed.
    4. Seamless cloud mobility moves data from PowerMax to AWS, Azure, Dell EMC ECS for long-term retention on lower-cost object storage.

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  • Reap the benefits Dell EMC #PowerMax can bring to your business

    The new digital era is revolutionising the way businesses work and operate, placing IT transformation at the core of being competitive. Technological innovations like artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, cloud computing, and big data analytics are the driving forces behind rapid data growth, traditional business model disruption, and – in many cases – the source of added IT complexity.

    To address these paradigm shifts, organisations need a new generation of enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance without compromising security, availability, scalability, protection, and efficiency. Dell EMC PowerMax is that platform. Delivering massive scalability in every possible dimension—performance, capacity, connectivity, LUNs/devices, and superior data services — all with a future-proof architecture featuring end-to-end, non-volatile memory express (NVMe), SCM, built-in machine learning, seamless cloud mobility, and deep VMware integration.


    PowerMax delivers over six-nines of availability in a single array, offers leading security with end-to-end, efficient encryption, and best-in-class data resiliency with Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), the gold standard in remote replication for business continuance and disaster recovery (BC/DR). PowerMax is based on a robust architecture, simple operation, and trusted innovation that increases customer productivity, whilst dramatically reducing operational costs.

  • Experience unmatched enterprise storage with Dell EMC #PowerMax

    Dell EMC’s storage systems easily extend to the cloud to address rapid data growth and to optimize data center resources with efficient data mobility to and from public and hybrid clouds.

    Cloud Mobility for Dell EMC PowerMax offers a seamless and transparent movement of data from on-premises to cloud, enabling customers to leverage lower-cost object storage in the cloud for agile and economic benefits, reducing the cost per GB for the long-term data retention by up to 50%. Archiving and long-term retention are primary examples of how PowerMax customers can leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, or Dell EMC ECS for low-cost object storage. PowerMax data can be recovered back to the source PowerMax if needed.

    In addition to the economic benefit, archiving to the cloud frees up capacity for on-premises PowerMax arrays to support higher priority applications on-premises -- extending the useful life of PowerMax. PowerMax data stored in the cloud can also be made available to an AWS system for secondary processing such as reporting, test/development, and data analytics. Customers can deploy the Dell EMC vApp free of charge from the Amazon Marketplace to transfer PowerMax snapshot data from Amazon S3 object storage to Amazon elastic block storage (EBS).

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