New Suppliers

Centerprise Group does not have a central point of entry enquiries on how to do business with our company.

New Suppliers are asked to complete our Supplier and Sub-Contractor Questionnaire.

The completed questionnaire should be returned via E-mail to

We do not require any additional document at this stage but the E-Mail MUST Include the full name and E-mail address of the authorised person within your organisation who will approve the documents.

Our team will seek confirmation from the business that there has been interaction to on-board you as a supplier.

If successful, the person named in the E-Mail will receive the following documents via DocuSign.


  • Completed Supplier and Sub-Contractor Questionnaire
  • Our Terms and Conditions


Both of these documents will need approving before sending back via DocuSign with following documents


  • Your latest set of Financial Statements
  • A Copy of your certificate of incorporation
  • Your Bank Account Details on Header Paper


Failure to provide complete documentation will result in delays in the set-up process.