Centeprise is partnering with Acer to bring innovative technologies to schools. Our goal is to support educators in creating the perfect learning environments to develop the skills students need for their future. Acer offers a vast range of education-friendly tools such as tablets, notebooks, Chromebooks, desktops, and monitors, all created to foster curiosity and thoroughly engage the classroom. These devices, combined with Centerprise International's expert knowledge, and renowned ability to provide the perfect solution for your needs with market-leading customer service, make this partnership unique.

  • STEM

    STEM education is the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics as tools to encourage and progress student analysis, discourse, and critical thinking. This produces students who take calculated risks, engage in experimental learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and thrive independently, grooming them to be the forefront leaders on all platforms in the 21st century.


    The STEM rewards program provides multiple layers of value from financial incentives to refresh devices, to FOC Support & STEM training for customers on their new kit. Also, Schools gain entry into a prize draw by taking part in online webinars or attending the Acer BETT Showcase and engaging in any other Acer associated marketing activities between 1st Jan – 31st March 2021.


    The criteria a school or education customer must meet are as follows:

    1. They must be migrating or have moved to Windows 10 and considering a classroom refresh of 25 devices or more.
    2. They must own Minecraft Education Edition or M365 licenses, and must be connected to a Trust of 6 or more schools considering a purchase of Win 10 devices in the next 18 months.

    Enter the program now and choose Centerprise as your Acer solutions provider. We guarantee full guidance throughout all stages, deployment, installation, management, and refresh with proven customer service no one else can provide.