Cammax Limited thrives in creating self-service systems alongside excellent customer service, a quality they share with Centerprise International. Armed with a highly-skilled team of developers and production engineers, they are enjoying great results in the healthcare sector, with the NHS. Cammax has a long history of collaborating successfully with the NHS, using our self-service prescription payment kiosk expertise to improve their process.

In the general scope of things, the use of technology is exponentially growing. Coupled with the demand for safer, distanced measures all-around as the UK transitions from lockdown, it’s clear the demand for self-service kiosks will rise, and Cammax, in conjunction with Centerprise, have the perfect, cost-effective solution for you.



    More hygienic

    Hygiene is a big topic of discussion now more than ever, due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Every organisation, especially ones who attract consistently large numbers, should look self-service options for more hygienic operation. Don’t just take it from us, the World Health Organisation had this to say. “it would be advisable to use contactless payments instead of cash to reduce the risk of transmission.”

    Our solutions are designed for flexibility. The prescription payment kiosks we provide accept both cash and card transactions in an automated manner, giving patients the option to pay however they see fit without coming in to contact with staff.


    Social distancing and queue control

    Introducing payment kiosks improve safety for staff as there is less requirement for them to be in close contact with customers. Also, this allows for staff relocation to other areas that would need extra members, helping to improve operational efficiency.

    Self-service systems are an undeniably faster process than face-to-face. Payment machines, for instance, work up to 10 seconds faster than chip & pin transactions. As such, there’s more customer turnover and less chance of lengthy queues forming, making social distance maintenance more manageable than ever.


    More cost-effective 

    The economic impact of COVID-19 has been immense. Organisations, in every sector, have taken a hit, and reducing costs is the aim of all. Kiosk machines are easy to manage and reduce the excess expense of handling large amounts of cash, as well as theft and fraud likelihood.

  • By automating the prescription payment system, face-to-face interactions drastically reduce. The process of transaction is more secure and more efficient, which saves time, protects NHS staff, and minimises the likelihood of lost prescriptions.

    Improved hygiene, cost reduction, social distance maintenance, and queue control are a few positives of an automated system. And as we emerge into a post-COVID-19 world, self-service systems will have a huge place in our lives as they offer endless benefits, putting both the organisation and the customer at ease as a safe and sustainable solution.

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