If Working From Home (WFH) was rising in popularity pre-COVID-19, it’s soaring now as the pandemic has forced businesses to adopt a remote working outlook. No one knows what a post-COVID-19 world looks like, but it’s safe to say WFH has been a success for many and is here to stay.

So, as we look towards the landscape of work-life, companies must iron out their home working strategies to be as beneficial long-term as it has been short-term. This means critically manoeuvring the various factors, such as technical equipment and applications, to ensure your business operation reaps the full benefits of remote working.

Sounds confusing? Not to worry, this blog will walk-through how you can merge strategy and technology to make WFH a win.


    Technology has come so far and is so diverse now that facilitating home working is easier than ever, as long as you make sure what you buy fulfills the exact need you have, you can’t go wrong. This is where IT resellers and solution experts, such as Centerprise, show their value by delivering the exact resources you need, saving you the hassle. But that’s just one factor, staff and their roles in the day-to-day operation of the business deserve equal consideration. Giving the same equipment to all staff regardless of what their specific tasks entail or personal preferences are is a quick way to hinder your remote working operation.

    Your staff needs to possess the relevant skills and comfortability of their assigned resources to aid a seamless transition into WFH long-term for both business operation and social interaction between staff, which is just as important. The familiarity of certain applications, processes, and equipment is vital for success, which is why identifying the various requirements for the different sections of your business should be the first step in your remote working orchestration. For example, contact centre workers need additional resources, such as headsets and cameras, as their tasks focus solely on customer interaction and service.

    One of the most prominent methods of virtual teamwork is Team Collaboration. Provided by applications such as Slack, Microsoft, and Webex, it combines the professional and social aspects of teamwork to deliver virtual workspaces, instant messaging, document sharing, and audio-visual calls.


    Cloud-based technology is incredibly complimentary to remote working and the digitalised transition of your business operation, it’s the perfect technology for collaboration. It allows employees to be individually productive while supporting communication, bringing the office to a virtual plane:


    Several users can work from and view one centrally stored file through Cloud. Smooth feedback through edits and comments simplifies the process of communication by preventing the over-reliance on constant emailing. This feature is also available in customer-provider relations, as long as the client allows access to the relevant files.


    By utilising a VPN, staff can access and save work documents and SharePoint. This gives them the freedom to set up their work station wherever they see fit, increasing their comfortability which in turn increases their productivity.


    User-specific passwords and encryption can be placed on files, ensuring only authorised personnel gain access. Accounts can also be specialised, preventing users from accessing files and folders not assigned to them or their team’s roles.

    Also, most cloud providers outsource their security to a specialist who prevents cyber-terrorism, hacks, and back-up files for quick restoration should document be deleted or lost.


    Being able to offer remote working as a sustainable option has been shown to attract higher job applications. Fewer commutes, more comfortability, and free time are some of the benefits that boost the appeal of WFH. It also offers higher job stability, as you attain the flexibility to cope with any incidents that would damage business operations, such as COVID-19.

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