COVID-19 IT Solutions Hub

Coronavirus has forced businesses to adjust and adapt to maintain continuity. Centerprise is always scouring the market to find innovative services we can offer to help organisations mitigate the impact of COVID-19, and we are pleased to present several successful solutions. From fever detection to social distance aids, we have the ideal technological tools for you, designed to help all sectors navigate this unfortunate period long-term.

Our solutions are focused on being sustainable, cost-effective, and tailor-made, delivered with the best customer service you will find.

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  • Delivering the Classroom of the Future

    The Department of Education has launched a scheme to develop remote learning platforms and their usage in the sector. Grants of up to £2,000 will be given to eligible schools to fund the employment of a Digital Education Platform. Microsoft, in partnership with Centerprise, will work together to deliver the perfect solution for schools across the UK, such as providing remote e-learning platforms, quality devices, and 30 days free technical aid from Centerprise.


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  • Thermal Imaging Solution

    A main confirmed symptom of the virus is a fever. With high specification thermal cameras, you can accurately record skin temperature in a non-contact fashion, which aids in managing the spread of COVID-19. The cameras, placed at the entrance and exit points, can analyse human body temperature with precision and recognize abnormalities within seconds. Should a recorded temperature be above the average body temperature by a significant margin, an alert will immediately trigger, allowing you to act quickly.

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  • Transition to a self-serviced post-lockdown world with centerprise and cammax

    Cammax Limited thrives in creating self-service systems alongside excellent customer service, a quality they share with Centerprise International. Armed with a highly-skilled team of developers and production engineers, they automate any process, enjoying great results in the healthcare sector, with the NHS. Whether it be SMART payment kiosks, SMART wellbeing kiosks, or SMART patient check-in kiosks, Cammax has a long history of collaborating successfully with the NHS, using our expertise to improve their process.