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Our Defence capabilities

We provide ICT solutions to support the current and emerging needs of the UK’s Ministry of Defence.

The UK Armed Forces face challenges that in terms of scale and complexity are unmatched by many other organisations of comparable size.  The environments within which they operate, coupled with the tempo of their operations, demands that their highly trained, capable people have guaranteed access to technology that supports timely, effective decision-making.

We have worked with the MOD for over 30 years and have a deep understanding of its unique requirements.  We have strong professional relationships with all three Services and have supplied a range of solutions spanning the design and manufacture of specialised hardware through to complete ICT platforms used to support deployed operations and technical training.    

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers’ needs and doing our best to support them.

Please get in touch with one of our MOD team members to find out more.



  • “Intelligent Service Delivery from an Intelligent and Capable Service Provider.”
    DSEME Head of Business Support